Unprescribed Study Drug Trend During Exams is Increasing in Irish Universities

Study drugs are getting common in Irish universities and students are taking these drugs to increase stamina for study during exams. The availability of online currency Bitcion has made it easier for students to buy drugs online without involving any physical money transaction method. A doctor at Trinity College Dublin has been working in college for several years confirms the increased use of medications in exams days and the trend got strong from last few years. Although, every college warns students for the use of medications, but the Union of College says the warning isn’t enough and college administration is showing irresponsible behavior towards the serious issue.

The widely being used unprescribed drugs include Adderall, Ritalin, Modalert, and Concerta. Students consume these tablets to study nonstop before the exam night or complete an urgent assignment. Once they take a tablet, they keep awake all night and never feel drowsy. The concentration level increases exponentially and they can complete a difficult task without facing any issue.

When we talked about un-prescribed drugs from students, they said the pills were very helpful during exams. A USD social science student confessed that he took Ritalin before the exam night and covered complete syllabus and passed a third level exam successfully. “I had to prepare my thesis and I was much worried about it. I took Ritalin and complete whole thesis in the next 13 hours without taking break”, he added. Accepting the increased use of drugs in USD, he said that only a few students with some sort of mental issue were using these supplements a few years ago, but now everybody wants it and has become a necessary part of exams.

Side Effects Associated with Study Drugs

Adderall and similar study drugs are very effective to treat ADHD and ADD as they target the pre-frontal area of brain and helps the user to increase focus on the task, pay attention to studies, and take decisions, and analyze things properly. According to Dr. David McGrath, the Director of Trinity College Dublin, the un-prescribed study drugs causes severe health issues which cast a bad impact on mental and physical health. These side effects include anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and harsh attitude with surrounding people.

He said that students with genuine mental issues should take the drugs, but those who don’t have any issue take medicines to stimulate cortex and boost attention span. He warned that the sue of such drugs should be prescribed and students must not take it without the consultation of doctors. Unnecessary use of drugs triggers serious diseases such as stroke, mania, and seizures. Higher blood pressure, psychosis, and increase dopamine are other risks of cognitive drug use.

Lack of Research   

There is no proper research done on study drug and Irish Health Research Board also confirms they are not aware of any authentic research about it. They have two researches, the first is undertaken by London School of Economics and the second is from Kings College London. These reports reveal that 9% students use Ritalin and Adderall, and Modafinil and majority of users considers Modafinil the best drug. Out of 9% students, 6% are Modafinil users and the reason of the excess use of drug is the easy availability.

Some Secret Drugs  

There are some drugs which are not very popular, but their use increases among students during exams days. Annie Hoey is the president of the Union of Students in Ireland and keeps an eye on the feedback collected from different universities. Hoey has also worked as a coordinator in Union’s Welfare Trust and said that these drugs were academic enhancers and we couldn’t categorize them as drug adductors.

It’s a big difficulty in differentiating between drug users and study drug users. Moreover, you can’t get the exact number of students who are study drugs users. She also empathized on the need of more research in the area.

Colleges Study Drug Policies 

According to Hoey, out of the seven universities in Dublin, only UCD has an official policy about it and even the universities aren’t ready to talk about it. They believe that if they would talk about it, students would start using it. Obviously, it’s not the solution of the problem. Just warning isn’t enough for it rather you have to confront the issue and discuss the side effects of the study drug.

“If universities want to control it properly, then they should make a hard policy on it and tackle these issues seriously”, she added.

How Students Buy these Study Drugs?

Online websites are the main source of buying ADHD. The most popular website from where students buy study drugs accept online currency Bitcoin and students can buy drugs without leaving any proof. The company also offers full refund if the parcel doesn’t reach students in any case. Full refund policy appeals students and they don’t fear for the loss.

They transfer money from Paypal to Bitcoin wallet and these websites can’t be traced on official servers. Like other online websites, you can find it on Google, but have to search the vendor name and address from dark web which IP address can’t be accessed.

Buying study drugs online without knowing vendor is serious issue. The buyer doesn’t know the quality of the product. Doctors say that the benefits of these drugs are exaggerated rather it poses more side effects than benefits. Universities’ administration should take strict action against the study drug and inform students need to know the long term side effects of drugs.  A solid policy and awareness campaigns are the needs of time as you can’t leave the young generation on the disposal on drug sellers who are deteriorating their health and playing with the minds for a few pennies.

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