Best ADHD Medications on the Basis of Users’ Reviews

ADHD is a common mental problem in kids that diagnosis at 7-12 years of age. The child fails to concentrate on the given task and finds it difficult to accomplish a task on-time. There are different medications available in the market and survey reports confirm that 83% children had tried at least one medicine since diagnosis. The commonly used medicines include Adderall, concerta, Vyvanse, Evekeo, focalin, Ritalin, etc. Here in the article, we are going to share users’ comments about the medication so you get to know their effectiveness, usage, and other important details. The effectiveness decreases from top to bottom, i.e. first is more effective than second and so on.

  1. Evekeo

It’s known as the best medication among all and effectiveness percentage was 55.56%. 27.78% customers termed is less beneficial for their children while moodiness, sleep disturbance, dampened personality were found 5.56%, 16.67%, and 5.56% respectively. Users comments were also very satisfactory and they said it safe from all sorts of side effects. One user told that her daughter started losing weight once she used evekeo and the reaction was similar to Adderall. “It improves focus, but low blood sugar level and appetite are some major drawbacks of evekeo”, said another user.

  1. Vyvanse

Vyvanse is the second most recommended medication which success rate was 46.25%. 26.38% users find it ineffective while 39.26% was the irritability rate. 27.7% user complaint about the sleep disturbance and dampened personality rate was up to 21%. According to users’ reviews, Vyvanse is very efficient at the lower dosage and has minimum side effects as compared to other medications.

“My son has been using Vyvanse for several years and the appetite loss in lesser than Adderall. Over the age, the effeteness of the medicine is decreasing”, said a woman. “It reduces impulsive behavior, but my son started feeling sick after a week use and complaint about nausea. We discussed the matter with his physician and he prescribed to reduce the medicine 10mg which showed positive results”, another lady shared her views.

“Vyvanse is a great medication, but also has some initial side effects such as lack of appetite, nausea, and discomfort feel. These symptoms go away over the time.”, said a 12-years old boy’s mother.

  1. Concentra

44.56% users garnered satisfactory results from concentra while the failure ratio was 22.52%. 34%, 22%, and 34% were the sleep disturbance, dampened personality, and moodiness rates. The recommended dosage of concentra is 27mg and mothers assert that the child showed well-mannered attitude in school as well. “Concentra helped my kid to control impulsive behavior and focus on the work. Although, he has lost some appetite and often feel headache, but the overall result is better than other previously used medicines”, said a mother.

“Concentra comes with both benefits and drawbacks. Taking interest in homework, better focus, and good behavior are some major benefits while the drawbacks include lack of appetite during day, trouble in sleeping at night, and teeth grinding all day long”, a mother shared her experience.

  1. Focalin

43% users are in the favor of focalin and 25% think in contrary. 35% was the moodiness rate and noted sleepiness disturbance and damped personality rates were 25%. “The medicine proved very effective after the first dosage and helped her to work with more concentration. One dose stays effective for 6-hours.  A slight change in the appetite was noticed after the first week.”, expressed views a mother of 6-years old daughter.

“It’s not wrong to say that Focalin is a very effective medication and has minimal side effects. But, it gives best results at minimum dosage. The increased dosage level is harmful for kids and it triggers irritation instead of giving better results”, commented a woman.

“My daughter was 8-years old when doctor prescribed Focalin for the treatment of ADHD. It’s a great medicine to control impulsive behavior and symptoms of ADHD. One dose was enough for all day long until she became a teen”, Sara suggested.

  1. Ritalin

The positive results of Ritalin were 38% and negative votes were up to 23%. Average moodiness rate 36%, sleep disturbance 28%, and dampened personality was 24%.  “Ritalin helped to control impulsive behavior and improved his focus in school. The appetite was declined and he failed to control his reactions”.

  1. Adderall

38% recommended it and 26% discouraged its use. The recorded moodiness level was 43%, sleep disturbance 31%, and 23% dampened personality. “ADHD was a big problem for me and my kid which Adderall effectively controlled and improved his listening skills as well. He can work well and shows good behavior in school. Grades have improved and he does his homework very well”, said John’s mother.

“Adderall caused a mild loss of appetite, but I controlled it by decreasing the dosage. However, mood swings, self-pity behavior, and overthinking are some major drawbacks of Adderall overdose.”, she added.

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